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Web Designing and Publishing (M2-R5)- NIELIT O Level

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You Have 2 hours To Complete The Test / Quiz

Web Designing and Publishing (M2-R5)

Total available questions is More than 500.

Each exam has 100 questions & Answers randomly.

You will get 2 hrs to complete the test.

Its Mandatory To Fill For Get Certificate After Complete Exam.

1) The 4 byte IP address consists of

2) What is the difference between JavaScript and Java?

3) The first tag inside the

tag is _______?

4) Identify the class which does not belong to w 3

5) Inside HTML _______ tag we put the JavaScript code.

6) Which of the following tags do you use to add a plain color background to a web page?

7) Which of the following is not a framework?

8) ________ Defines a section in a document.

9) Which of the following tag is used to embed css in html page?

10) ______ defines a section in a document.

11) JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic and ______ programming language.

12) The …………. attribute adds space within each cell?

13) What does


14) HTML is considered as ________ language.

15) Table data or cells in HTML tables are defined by ?

16) When we write < img src="img.png">, what “img.png” inside double quote implies ?

17) Range for class C IP address is ________.

18) How can we write comment along with CSS Code ?

19) ________ is a piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser.

20) Which of the following is an HTML paragraph tag?

21) which of the following text, list, box, margin, border, color and background properties have been introduced?

22) Encrypted data of sniffing can be read by tool/ software whose name is ________.

23) Which of the following is not an error in JavaScript?

24) Which of the following is filter in Angular Js?

25) An alternative of JavaScript on windows platform is ________.

26) To create the hyperlink in web page, we use ________ tag.

27) Which HTML tag is used for YouTube videos?

28) Which of the following is considered as first web browser ?

29) In HTML document the tags

30) WWW is based on which model ?

31) Which of the following attributes specifies the name of the image file?

32) How many columns are there in the basic grid of w3-css.

33) XML stands for ……………?

34) Which part of HTML metadata is contained?

35) The JavaScript language is of …………. type?

36) Which was the first browser to support JavaScript ?

37) Which tag is used to display the picture on the HTML page?

38) In an email address [email protected], dsdu is the

39) Connection oriented services at network layer in OSI model is called

40) ______ tag inserts a line horizontally on your webpage.

41) Which of the following is not a newly added tag in HTML5?

42) In the layer hierarchy as the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layers, headers are

43) An ________ rule can be used to define style rules for multiple media types in a single embedded style sheet.

44) No………………… is required while building a website with w3.css.

45) What is JavaScript?

46) ARPANET stands for

47) The component that traverses the web, collecting information about pages is called _______.

48) __________ is the current standard language used to create Webpages.

49) ________ is software that runs on a website and it is takes requests from the browsers and gives proper response.

50) What is the attribute of Meta tag?

51) W3-striped class is used for …………..

52) With _______ you create a new object in JavaScript.

53) The CSS property used to make text bold is?

54) Which of the following CSS selectors are used to specify a set of elements?

55) Which one performs the same function as tag?

56) The keyword or property you use to refer to an object is _________

57) Which element is used in the < HEAD> section on an HTML/XHTML page, if we want to use an external style sheet file to decorate the page ?

58) ________ is used to identify computer in network.

59) A __________ is a device that connects multiple computers into a network in which multiple communication links can be in operation simultaneously.

60) The CSS property used to specify the transparency of an element is –

61) The dark background on _______ is intended to reduce eyestrain and increase the amount of contrast with the text.

62) the extension of JavaScript file?

63) Which of the following syntax is correct for referring to External style sheet?

64) _______ property is used to convert the text into uppercase or lowercase.

65) Which tag is used to make blank line in HTML?

66) A conversation on walkie-talkie is a __________ data flow.

67) Which tag is used to create an ordered list in HTML?

68) HTML allows us to use ___ levels of headings.

69) Physical addresses will change from

70) There is an alternative to JavaScript on the Windows platform

71) which attribute is used to make a link which open in a new window tab?

72) What is the correct syntax to place a line above the text?

73) Which protocol is supported by Android browser?

74) Which feature was introduced before HTML5?

75) __________ was the predecessor to the internet.

76) TIFF stands for

77) ________ is device which is used in Network layer.

78) The CSS property used to control the font size of an element is ……….

79) ________ tag is an extension to HTML that can enclose any number of JavaScript statements.

80) CRC is _________technique.

81) Which of the following is not a JavaScript data type?

82) Which of the following attribute is used to display date/time content?

83) Which of the following Attribute is used to include External JS code inside your HTML Document.

84) Which of the following selector selects an element that has no children ?

85) Web Crawler has a web robot called

86) Choose the correct HTML tag for the smallest size heading?

87) A firewall may be implemented in :

88) The w3-container class adds a ………….px left and right padding to any HTML element.

89) Which of the following extension is used to save HTML file?

90) Which HTML tag is used to show deleted text?

91) ______ is one of the popular free web presence providers, which helps you to create your own website free of cost.

92) Which element is used to get the highlighted text in HTML5?

93) Multiple declarations of variables are separated by _______ symbol.

94) Which tag is used with Javascript?

95) Which of the following can be used to call JavaScript Code Snippet?

96) Which HTML tag is used for YouTube videos?

97) HTML tags are used to describe document ________.

98) In this topology there is a central controller or hub

99) Which web publishing tool developed by Microsoft.

100) The correct sequence of HTML tags to start a web page is …………?

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