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Information Technology Tools and Network Basics (M1-R5)- NIELIT O Level

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You Have 2 hours To Complete The Test / Quiz

Information Technology Tools and Network Basics (M1-R5)

Total available questions is More than 1500.

Each exam has 100 questions & Answers randomly.

You will get 2 hrs to complete the test.

Its Mandatory To Fill For Get Certificate After Complete Exam.

1) To find a word in a document we can use which of the following function key?

2) Which key do you use to add bullet list to libreOffice writer?

3) How many columns does LibreOffice Calc contain

4) Software used by the computer hardware to interact with the user is

5) Which is a not category of language?

6) A Hexadecimal number A1 has the decimal value

7) UNIVAC is

8) What is called to filter data?

9) Open Remote option opens file from

10) Before printing we see the document on screen, what is called this process?

11) The performance of cache memory is frequently measured in terms of a quantity called

12) Which is not a valid step in Chart Wizard in LibreOffice Calc ?

13) Which of the following is a tool to send letter to many recipients in Libre office?

14) Which of the following is a GUI operating system?

15) Command to create file in Linux is………..?

16) ASCII stands for

17) What is the correct sequence of steps required to insert the footer in LibreOffice Writer document?

18) Which of the following is a non-volatile memory?

19) It is not possible to insert in a document.

20) Whose product is MS window?

21) You organize files by storing them in

22) Which shortcut key is used to clear the formatting of Cell in LibreOffice Calc?

23) LibreOffice Calc does not give a wizard for

24) DOS stands for

25) By which we separate file names and extensions?

26) Which short key is use for Close the LibreOffice Writer Document?

27) The gutter margin is added to

28) Which one of the following menu options is used to start the Automatic spell checker in LibreOffice Writer?

29) Where are the options like line, curve, Polygon are available ?

30) What is the minimum zoom in LibreOffice Impress?

31) Which of the following is available in the form of a PC now?

32) Which of the following if not OS

33) Which key is used to open the Format Cells dialog in LibreOffice ?

34) GIF and JPEG files are examples of?

35) How many types of cell references in Libreoffice Calc?

36) Which shortcut key do you use for the new style in Libra Office Writer?

37) The default orientation of a page in Writer is

38) What is the matching point of row and column

39) Which of the following is an example of a program setup file?

40) The symbol used to make a cell address as absolute

41) What is the shortcut for increasing the font size in LibreOffice writer?

42) What is the default file extension for a spreadsheet in Libreoffice Calc?

43) Where is the text saved when cut and copied?

44) For secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmission on internet used………….

45) which unit controls the flow and manipulation of data and information.

46) ________Unix command is used to change ownership of the file.

47) Extension of LibreOffice calc spreadsheet.

48) Which is the technology used in the evaluation of aptitude test.

49) SMPS stands for

50) The core of Linux operating system is :

51) FAT stands for


53) Key used to Opens Manage Template in LibreOffice Calc.

54) in LibreOffice Calc Spreadsheet file can be emailed as

55) Which of the following does not come under page formatting?

56) What will be the value of = 10 * 20/4 * 8 in LibreOffice Calc?

57) The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is

58) What is the maximum number of Char in one cell in calc spreadsheet

59) Trackball is a

60) Software which is developed and modified freely is called

61) Which option help us to send same letter to different persons

62) Create a batch of documents that are personalized for each recipient

63) A Compiler is :

64) Which of the following is not an output device?

65) Which of the following is a table option?

66) Shortcut key to apply currency format with two decimal places in LibreOffice Calc?

67) EBCDIC stands for

68) In LibreOffice Calc, a function should start with

69) Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are known as______

70) Which of the following is not a part of main impress window?

71) What Will Be The Value Of The Formula ‘=25/(32-16*2)’?

72) What command is used to count the total number of lines, words, and characters contained in a file on LINUX?

73) The three main components of a digital computer system are:

74) What kind of program is LibreOffice Impress?

75) A set of computer instructions designed to solve a specific problem is referred to as

76) What will be the value of = Product (7, 8)?

77) What type of software is LINUX?

78) In which menu of LibreOffice Writer is the mail merge or letter wizard found?

79) In LibreOffice Calc or Writer, specify the shortcut key for Clear Format

80) Which of the following does not store data permanently?

81) A keyboard is this kind of device

82) Which shortcut key is used for heading 2 in LibreOffice Writer

83) __________are computers that excel at executing many different computer programs at the same time.

84) SSTF stands for

85) One can access database fields in the document using option

86) A Nibble consists of ________ Bits.

87) Which Of The Following Is The Name Of A Linux Kernel File?

88) Which of the following is not UNIX based?

89) Operating System is responsible for

90) The selected text can be delete by which buttons?

91) Full form of OCR

92) Which option is chosen to rename any file or folder by right clicking on it?

93) Which of the following is not advantage of multiprogramming?

94) Which of the following is not a programming language?

95) How many menus are found in LibreOffice Writer?

96) CPU consist of

97) Which is not a valid Formatting mark in LibreOffice Ca

98) ………….Key used for Align Left of the text in LibreOffice writer.

99) In which menu the Macros command is found in LibreOffice Impress?


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