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Internet of Things and its Applications (M4-R5.1) – NIELIT O Level

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You Have 2 hours To Complete The Test / Quiz

Internet of Things and its Applications (M4-R5.1)

Total available questions is More than 1000.

Each exam has 100 questions & Answers randomly.

You will get 2 hrs to complete the test.

Its Mandatory To Fill For Get Certificate After Complete Exam.

1) Natural control system

2) Arduino boards having double pins that provide interfacing for _______?

3) Which of these statements regarding Sensors are True.

4) Self Esteem is:

5) How many Layers presents in TCP/IP Model

6) IoT security management includes ________

7) IPv4 is______bit address

8) What programming language is the Arduino IDE written in?

9) The HC 05 module can operated in

10) What will be the output of the following Arduino code?

#define X 10;
void setup()
void loop()
	//Do nothing…


11) The Application layer of TCP/IP model perform the works of which 3 layers of OSI Model

12) What are Arduino Codes are referred to ?

13) Which of the following challenge arises when we use many devices on the same network?

14) Which protocol is lightweight ?

15) The huge numbers of devices connected to the Internet of things have to communicate automatically is called.

16) What is pin connect block?

17) _______ Sensors produce digital outputs that can be directly interfaced with the digital controller

18) Bits from physical layer are converted into frames by the

19) What is a private key

20) Logical operations in computer are done by

21) What is the output of C Program?

int main()
	int k=10;
	while(k <= 12)
		printf("%d", k);
	return 0;

22) The RFID technology consists of :

23) Which of the following should microcontroller at least should consist of?

24) ____ is a modular and cloud based plateform

25) Sonos is a system that uses __wireless

26) The loT networks that has a very short range is?

27) _____ devices that perform input function in a system as they sense the changes in a quantity.

28) Which kind of word to be avoided for verbal communication?

29) The process of removing certain band of frequencies from a signal while permitting other is called as

30) Which of these may convey arrogance?

31) Which of the following helps to collaborate in loT development?

32) Internet of Things needs a IOT of network connection. What is the proposed "White Space" radio standard called?

33) Sensor effectiveness depends on which of the following parameters

34) In OSI Model, OSI stands for

35) Which layer of the OSI model does data compression ?

36) What is the size of RAM memory in 8051

37) Which of the following is not a short-range wireless network

38) What language is the Arduino IDE built on?

39) What is ESP8266 ?

40) full form of iot?

41) What do you call the scope that hacker can use to break into a system

42) API stands for

43) Botnet is often used to launch_attack

44) What does GPIO stand for?

45) Which of these is used as a form of greeting for business people?

46) TCP/IP model does not have ________ layer but OSI model have this layer.

47) Full-Form of VNC?

48) What is true about microcontroller?

49) Bluetooth Protocol designed by?

50) Personality is not just one or more aspect of behaviour, but it is one's total integrated behaviour, this characteristic of personality is known as:

51) What is Artificial Intelligence

52) The command which is used to display the characters in the serial monitor is

53) It enables open application layer for constrained nodes.

54) A microcontroller sometimes abbreviated as

55) Which sensor is used in mobile phones?

56) What is the real example of a smart grid device in IoT?

57) The smallest difference that a sensor can detect is:

58) The full form of LoRa is:

59) "communication" word has been derived from which Latin word, meaning common.

60) To convert low self Esteem to Healthy one, you need to:

61) What is the sensor / protocol used in GSN?

62) Which of the following is not an application of IoT?

63) How many arguments does the analogRead() function have?

65) It is control system that has only one input and one output

66) What is the output of C program with functions?

int main() 
  	int a = 0;
	return 1;
   	return 1;


67) What will be the output of the following piece of code?

int main() 
	int i;
	for(i=0;i< 8; i++);
	return 0;

68) ____ has External Memory.

69) allow data processing close to device.

70) _______ supports low energy radio operation.


72) IOT is a paradigm that does not involve ubiquitous presence in the environment.

73) ____is meant for a specific group of people while may be aimed for the general public

74) Which of the following statements best defines 'character'?

75) Which one is not the feature of M2M?

76) What is the full form of Wi-Fi


78) When it first appeared in English, the word ‘personality’ referred to what?

79) End to end connection is established by...protocol of the TCP/IP suite?

80) All code in an Arduino sketch iss processed from___.

81) The initiation, maintenance, and termination of the physical connection of a network take place at which layer of OSI Model

82) Sensors can be

83) ___________considers personality as a certain style which is peculiar to the individual and is determined by the characteristic organization of mental trends, complexes, emotions and sentiments.

84) Which of the following is a good password example.

85) The level shifter converts the voltage levels between RS-232 and transistor. transistor logic.

86) Personality is :

87) Personality is:

88) Communication is a non-stop :

89) Which symbol is used in Arduino to calculate Module?

90) When speaking to business associates or customers, always open the conversation to questions and .....?

91) ADC (Analog to Digital converter) on Arduino board is used to convert__ signal into digital signal

92) What is temperature in Celsius LM35 for corresponding 270mV as a output voltage?

93) Remotes enables entities that utilize IoT devices to connect and control them using a dashboard.

94) _________ consists of two different metals connected at two points.

95) Which one is not a core component of IoT

96) What is the output of the following program?


97) Stress related to _______ strain/tension.

98) The following are the characteristics of Negative Stress

99) Arduino uno have ____ size of program memory

100) To ground the circuit _____ pin is used in Arduino.

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