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You Have 1 hours 30 minutes To Complete The Test / Quiz

NIELIT- CCC (Course on Computer Concepts)

Total available questions is More than 1000.

Each exam has 100 questions & Answers randomly.

You will get 1.5 hrs to complete the test.

Its Mandatory To Fill For Get Certificate After Complete Exam.

1) In a CRT, an electron gun is used, which fires electrons at groups of phosphor dots coating the inside of the screen.

2) For aligning the text, Impress provides which options ?

3) Which shortcut key is used to spell check in MS-Word 2013?

4) Which of the following shortcut keys would you use if you want to insert multiple section break of same kind, after inserting the first section break in MS-Word?

5) A blinking indicator that shows you where your next action will happen, is

6) Which of the following is word processing software?

7) The two broad categories of software are:

8) Which of the following is a hosted online version of the Microsoft Office with access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.?

9) Video clips and Audio cannot be added to the slide.

10) What is WWW?

11) Which was the world’s first minicomputer?

12) LibreOffice has the ability to close window by key Ctrl + W

13) You can edit an embedded organization chart object by

14) Internet banking is also known as

15) Libreoffice includes support for opening and saving files in Microsoft officeFormat (.docs, .pptx, .xlsx)?

16) Unix Operating system is an:

17) The autonomous _____________ based IoT platforms are used for internal management of the corresponding enterprise.

18) A major security problem for operation system is ______.

19) What does 3D means?

20) A web browser is a software application for accessing information on the

21) Which is not spreadsheet view

Which of the following is a part of CPU ?
“To promote digital transaction, an upgraded UPI for banks is being proposed, what is UPI?

24) In the Internet of things, information system can not be access remotely.

25) The view that puts a blue line around each page that would be printed is the _______

26) NEFT is the most prominent electronic funds transfer systems of India

27) Which of the following font styles is not applied in the given text in MS-Word 2010?

Many kings and prince took part in the 4th battle.

A _________ includes the file name on a computer and possibly a directory or folder.

29) To open the Find & Replace dialog box, press ____________ key

30) Down arrow is used to moves the current field down one place in LibreOffice Calc.

31) _______ is used for paste.

32) Internet is

33) Which part of the operating system connects the application software to the hardware of the computer?

34) An anti-virus is a:

35) How to change order of slides in presentation?

36) You can place the chart legend in the chart at

37) In Table Tools, under Design tab, by shading you can:

38) A barcode reader is an example of

39) Which social networking media allows you to tweet your opinions?

40) Windows 7 is designed to

41) These are the basic components of computer system:

42) Proc files are?

43) What is the name of the list that stores the URLs of web pages and links visited in past few days?

44) Which of the following is/are requirement(s) of multiprogramming systems?

(i) Large memory

(ii) Job status preservation

(iii) CPU scheduling

45) Which of the following is a system that facilitates users to access multiple bank accounts with a single mobile

46) What is Direct Benefit Transfer?

47) How long video can be recorded on Instagram?

48) The basic purpose of URL is to locate

49) If you add a graphic to a master slide, will it appear on every slide in your presentation?

50) FTP is a means of transferring fun pages from one computer to another.

51) The IC chip used in computers is made of:

52) MUDRA has been set up by whom?

53) You can undo and redo up to _________ actions in Microsoft Office Excel, even after a worksheet is saved.

54) Operating system is a:

55) The emergency fund not only provides you with the money to pay for these expenses, but gives you a peace of mind?

56) The first generation computers could not do multitasking

57) Calc is a

58) File tab does not contain

59) Chatting is widely interactive text based communication process that takes place over the Internet.

60) Page Style dialog box is used to create table, charts etc.

61) Which among following is responsible for finding and loading operating system into RAM ?

62) A chart is created on the basis of values in

63) A window that is displayed whenever the program requires additional information from you is called a(n):

64) Full form of DFT is _______

65) Which of the following is not a transition effect?

66) You can use e-mail to send messages but not file across the Internet.

67) In LibreOffice impress which of the following key is used to End presentation ?

68) Which of the following facilities available under eWallet ?

69) What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing a text document ?

70) How to find IMEI number on any phone ?

71) AutoSum in LibreOffice Calc represents by Greek letter sigma (Ʃ).

72) Which type of network shown in the given image?

73) LibreOffice Calc stores dates internally as ________.

74) By keeping your saved money at home, it is

75) Two or more computers connected to each other for sharing information form a

76) Which button is used to exit the program?

77) Using _____________________ option in MS PowerPoint 2010, you can add sound to slide.

78) With the help of which icon in launcher, you can change mouse properties, display properties etc ?

79) Which of the following topology, is least affected by addition/removal of a node?

80) 300 feet is the typical range of a Wi-Fi network.

81) ________ controls and manages the operation of a computer.

82) Where will I get the deleted email?

83) Mail Merge feature of MS Word does not allow you to:

84) Which of the following Operating System does not implement the multitasking truly?

85) Which of the following memory is not volatile

86) The operating system manages the primary memory of the computer.

87) MQTT is _____________ Protocol?

88) Which one of the following web browser is developed by Microsoft?

89) Which of the following can capture moving video sequences as well as still images?

90) The collection of related files is called ______

91) A joystick is primarily used to/for:

92) In Excel, charts are created using which option?

93) Under which tab, Slide Transition option is available?

94) In LibreOffice Writer, document has text case which help to change the text case. They are

95) What is the Shortcut to copy in Libre office Writer?

96) ____ is an electronic system which enables the customers to conduct transactions on a Website.

97) VDUs can be used both as an input and output devices.

98) _________ controls the movement of information between the memory, the ALU and other parts of computer.

99) Which one of the following is not a component of E-mail system?

100) End key is used to go to the end of the line.

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