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Class 10 English “Father’s Help” MCQ Test

Class 10 English “Father’s Help”

Fill The Details Before Start The Test.

1) Swaminathan realised with a shudder that

2) “You’ll have to. It is your own fault.”-

The person referred to here by the word ‘you’ is

3) Swami changed his tactics of telling his father that he had headache so that he was late and thus he could not attend school.

He did so because of his father’s

4) The synonym of the phrasal verb ‘loaf about’ is

5) The story called ‘Father’s Help’ is written by

6) The word ‘generously’

7) Swami announced about his illness at

8) The name of Swami’s teacher is

9) Swami told his father that

10) Full name of Swami

11) The thought of Samuel made Swami

12) Swami felt that his description of Samuel

13) Swami changed his tactics because he knew

14) Swami complained of

15) Monday morning made Swami

16) Swami’s father was a

17) ‘Mother generously suggested that Swami might stay at home.’-

This line shows that Swami’s mother was

18) According to Swami, Samuel was especially angry with boys who

19) Swami told his father that Samuel was

20) Swami’s father proposed to

21) One of the characteristics of Samuel, according to Swami, was that he

22) Swami hoped that he would be able to

23) Swami said that he cannot go to school because he was

24) No amount of protest from Swami would make him change his mind’-

Here the word ‘him’ refers to

25) The story called ‘Father’s Help’ is taken from

Your score is

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